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Creative Negotiation: Objectives, Obstacles and Solutions

Francisco Ingouville

Francisco Ingouville studied negotiation at Harvard University from 1996 to 1997. He is a partner at the training and consulting firm of Ingouville & Nelson, a former consultant with CMI International Group and a collaborator with the Consensus Building Institute. He has worked as a mediator in the Massachusetts courts and offered negotiation workshops at Harvard University.
Ingouville holds a degree of licenciado in Marketing from UADE and has also studied fine arts, literature and advertising. He is the author of Del mismo lado (Grijalbo Mondadori) and Negociación Creativa (in press), both of which combine anecdotes and theories on negotiation.

Successfully resolving a tense negotiation in which the parties’ only interaction consists of taking shots at each other requires that one use imagination, creativity and team work to satisfy the needs of everyone involved. However, these elements are not frequently found in conflicts for a variety of reasons. “Creative Negotiation: Objectives, Obstacles and Solutions” analyzes the causes of this problem and offers possible solutions using anecdotes and examples.

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